Benefit of Instagram Ads for Pay Per Call


The Facebook-owned platform at Instagram offers more than just great filters product photos; you can use it in your Pay Per Call efforts as well. If you’re not familiar with Instagram Ads for Pay Per Call, we’re here to help you get the basics down.

Most people have heard of Instagram and about half have visited the site once. With over 200 million monthly active users, Instagram is well on its way to becoming one of the most successful affiliate marketing strategies.

Advertising on Instagram is free and keeps cost of visual marketing down and using the profile page can send your affiliate partners traffic that they might not otherwise generate.

Target the Right Audience

Instagram ads for Pay Per Call can target users by location, demographic information, interests, actions, and much more. You can use all of those targeting options when you advertise on Instagram, and you can keep it as simple as age, gender, and location, or go more in depth as you learn more about your target audience.

Target audience will be able to see posts based on particular metrics made by advertisers. This will make it simple to reach the audience the Pay Per Call campaign wishes to target.

Since there’s no limit in the amount of text you can use in an Instagram ad for Pay Per Call, seeking to use the right amount of text to communicate your brand’s value is key, however not some much information that you distract you audience from the important information such as your company’s phone number and the images you use.

Image selection is vastly important as the information an advertiser provides. Use images that are eye appealing and either deliver a message the audience can relate to or interact with. Don’t push the sale; be subtle with the branding and delivery of the advertisement.

Carousel Ads provide the audience with multiple images that they can swipe through. Advertisers can use this additional layer of multiple images to promote either more messages they want to get across with overloading the text or diversify their strategy of marketing the Ad.

Video Ads allow advertisers to leverage up to 60 seconds of audio and motion (the size limitation is 30 MB). But, these ads don’t allow call-to-action buttons yet, so they are primarily helpful in increasing your brand’s awareness and delivering an appealing message to your audience. In return one can expect a higher flow of traffic to video ads.

Choose the Right ADS for INSTAGRAM

Use the powerful targeting capabilities of Instagram by integrating it with Facebook. This is a favorite aspect for many advertisers – the ability to access Facebook’s data and advanced targeting options in your Instagram ads.

Find large Instagram accounts in your niche that do unpaid shout-outs or accept sponsored posts.Advertisers reach out to influencers and ask them if they are interested in sharing your content, in exchange for you sharing theirs. This is mutually beneficial, as both of you get exposure to each other’s audience. Sometimes, you won’t even need to share their content. A simple shout-out in the caption will do and will generate traffic to your account thus providing possible followers to your network.