Benefits Of Pay Per Call Advertising

How to Pay Per Call Advertising Works For Your Small Business

What is Pay Per Call Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of sponsored marketing this is used on a wide range of websites, which includes the search engines like Google and yahoo, where the advertiser simply pay when a web user clicks on their ads. So you as a business would only ‘pay per call’ each time a web user clicks on your ads.

PPC is a very cost-effective means to get your website noticed by using your target audience very fast.

Pay per call can be one of the most effective modes of maximizing online marketing revenues. For a smaller business, it is a wise choice as it expands potential reach, offers targeted marketing, is cost-effective and can increase sales conversion rates.

This form of marketing has morphed from pay per click on (PPC) which was previously an effective form of marketing tied to laptops and PCs. With the invention of smart phones, all that has modified. The benefit of PPC was that marketing money was only spent when an advert become clicked on.

The result was a more targeted marketing focus and a lower total cost to run an advert marketing campaign. Although impressive in and of it, consider the power of this form of marketing when linked to a Smartphone and the possibilities are infinite.

The value of such targeted marketing on a hand phone is obvious. While focusing on a market segment most likely to make a purchase choice, advertising money is applied in a more efficient manner. Imagine the benefits of having this form of internet marketing available anywhere and each time the customer is carrying their cell phone, probably always.

Pay per call is a form of online marketing where targeted ads are dispatched to cell phone users and the advertiser only pays while a sales call is made. Ad dollars are only spent when a potential consumer not only clicks on an ad but simply makes a call. The result is like being offered a steady stream of pre-certified consumers and all that is left to do is close the sale.

The benefits of pay per call are obvious. As a focused marketing medium, it establishes contact with customers when they’re interested in the product and have taken action to buy. It also allows the company to increase customer touch points because the ubiquity of mobile phones guarantees that an advert is always within arms reach. In addition, it is remarkable so far because it allows the organization to better manage the sales process. The accelerated speed of the purchase process is dramatic as with the touch of a button a salesperson is now on the line.

In what can be one of the more compelling points of this form of marketing is that this type of internet advertising and marketing can be an install without a company even possessing a website. For smaller businesses looking to enhance their online advertising presence, it is a wise choice.