Pay per Call marketing is not a new idea; in fact, it has been around for quite some time, however, just recently becoming popular as more marketers are taking the leap into mobile marketing investments.

Put definitely, pay per call works pleasant if you have a business that is service based totally, for instance, home renovations, legal or higher ticket items such as automobiles. The advertiser starts to work with lead generation and affiliate marketer partners that deliver the responsibility of creating the campaign and screening the incoming calls for potential clients. Each call is recorded, tracked and given a completely unique phone number. Information that is amassed consists of duration, location and the request being made. The marketer only pays for legitimate calls as a way to meet their pre-determined standards – i.e. lasting for as a minimum 90 seconds (this is decided by the marketer).

Chances are you already knew all that; but, did you realize…

That 57% of pay per call conversions are received from a mobile device? And, that only 7% of those calls are generated from a person searching on their computer system? It has been proven that when you implement a clear click to call a phone number, you may increase your name volumes by means of 6 to 12% – at once. Why?

This generation of smartphone users wants easy, clear and concise methods to make a purchase. Implementing pay per call advertising on your site simply makes sense in this “we need it now” society that we are presently in.

Now you may think pay per call pay marketing efforts is certainly in the best interest of your business? The benefits provided by means of this type of marketing are the fact that you will receive calls. For example, in the home renovation niche, customers will have to speak to someone prior to making any type of purchase.

It is also perfect for affiliate marketing since it can be completed offline. You do not have to worry about landing pages or affiliate hyperlinks, online that you have a mobile optimized website. You are able of taking advertising and marketing offline when you promote the phone number on billboards, radio, and even direct mail. This method makes the process of acquisition a lot more convenient and easier.

Pay Per Call and the Future of Mobile Advertising

There are two essential considerations when you begin a pay per call marketing strategy:

  • What value do you put on a mobile lead so that you can be able to issue an appropriate payout and whether or not you are inclined to pay for any repeat calls?
  • What are the best period and quality of calls?

The beauty of pay per call is that it’s an ideal partner for mobile devices. These items are both conversational and research tools, not like computers. You can directly contact with the potential client and acquire the benefits that are provided by using real-time feedbacks, as well as deeper insights on the actual purchase decisions and being able to have an immediate communication so that it will have a higher chance of becoming a real conversion.