PPC Marketing Methods

PPC Marketing has truly been around for years via TV, print and radio advertising and marketing.  Now, even though, as more Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, marketers are also able to generate leads to a call center rather than having them fill out a contact lead form on a landing page and attempting to connect with the person at a later time.

The new and modern way to market through a search engine is Pay Per Call marketing. It brings together online advertisers and customers via phone. Marketers use specific keywords to create ads that potential customer’s type into the search engine seeking out information. Within that advert, there is usually a link that brings the potential client to the website. However, with this technique, instead of a link to click on it’ll offer a phone number (toll-free) to call directly.

Only the advertiser is charged when a consumer makes contact using the phone number. It is an unfastened service for the customer. The pay per call ad platform is accountable for tracking for reporting and invoicing purposes. The ad company connects the call, logs it after which charges the advertiser. The flat fee is negotiated for every call that is received through a designated number according to the business that it is producing leads for.

There are many benefits to this new form of Pay Per Call Marketing for advertisers.

Here are a few examples:


Cost Effectiveness:

This form of advertising offers the benefit of a 100% connection rate with the consumer that has already opted-in to receiving your information and/or offer. Many tests have shown that inbound callers that obtained communication via Pay-Per-Call marketing convert at least two times the rate than leads that are connected through outbound dialing.

Time Savings:

No longer does an advertiser need to go through the process of buying a lead, routing it to a salesperson and have the salesperson call the chance in the hopes of them nevertheless being interested in the product. With Pay-Per-Call marketing, advertisers have the benefit of immediately achieving out to a customer who has taken the time to proactively call into their call center to inquire about a product or service you have to provide.

The Mobile Factor:

More and more people now have phone devices. In the past, if a person desired to go make an inquiry or purchase about a product they might need to at their office or home in front of a computer. By connecting from anywhere, consumers are able to search whatever they want at a moment’s notice. Many times they may be wanted to find solution to an issue. This new captive audience will most likely hit another button and make a call to get the information they require.

Pay per call is much less risky because the translucent nature of leads by using phone enables the provider to figure out a fake request. If a person calls the number provided and hangs up or doesn’t stay on the phone for a certain amount of time, it is not always considered legitimate lead and the advertiser isn’t always charged. For clients that choose not to reveal their private information online such as credit cards, pay per call is the best way to go.