What Is Pay Per Call?

What Is Pay Per Call Local Lead Generation?

OK… I’m familiar with Pay Per Call. It is a cost-per-action (CPA) agreement between an affiliate marketer and a merchant. That I know. I also recognize that Ring Revenue acts as a “wholesaler” between affiliate marketer and merchants and that Ring Revenue contracts with companies like Commission Junction to reach affiliate marketers or other publishers. And, I think that most of these merchant’s offers are national; and they understand and appreciate that affiliate marketers offer a unique and untapped venue to market their products and services.

So, now I’m also hearing about Pay Per Call Lead Generation. What is it? In a nutshell, it’s a Pay Per Call system that pays a commission to an affiliate marketer for generating a call-in phone lead to a local business. It gives affiliate marketers the possibility to develop relationships in a local market with business owners to generate leads for that business. Pay Per Call Local Lead Generation seems to offer a unique and new opportunity for affiliate marketers.


It allows marketers to set up relationships with local business to promote that business for a negotiated commission for a call-in phone lead. There are literally thousands of businesses that might benefit from these advertising and marketing services. In fact, any business that is based on call-in phone leads to generate a percentage of their sales might be interested in a number of reasons. Here are some examples of local organizations that are probably interested in Pay per Call Lead Generation:

  • bed and breakfasts
  • florists
  • attorneys
  • dentists
  • plumbers
  • fencing contractors
  • mortgage brokers
  • windows installers
  • real estate dealers
  • home and vehicle coverage agents
  • lifestyles coverage retailers
  • economic career specialists

Many of these organizations already pay for leads. However, those leads are a bit different. These leads are accrued and constructed based on specific needs or demographics. For example, fencing contractors, window installers, real estate agents, insurance agents and financial services representatives and mortgage agents are very acquainted with paying for leads.

leads information

These leads provide information like name, address, phone number and the service desired. The particular business or their employee is then tasked to follow-up on this lead. This follow-up process is often tedious and non-effective. There are numerous things which could spoil the lead. Time is one.

If the lead is old, that individual might have already lost interest; or absolutely forgotten about their request. Or, the need has already been filled; or the contact information is erroneous, or the person honestly cannot be reached. Purchasing this type of leads places all the risk on the small business that pays for these leads in advance.

By assessment, Pay per Call Local Lead Generation is designed to provide a call-in lead. In sales terms, this is a hot lead. A live person has initiated a call in anticipation of filling their need. A skilled sales representative receiving this call-in lead knows the way to manage this type of lead.

Another predominant difference between Pay per Call Local Lead Generation and those more traditional lead services is that Pay per Call Local Lead Generation is performance based totally. With the more traditional lead services, I stated that these leads are purchased. With Pay per Call Local Lead Generation, leads are purchased when someone calls a business. If this hot lead isn’t always produced, the marketer does not get paid.