FAQ - Frequently ask questions

What is Pay Per Call advertising?

Pay-per-call (PPCall) is an advertising model in which the rate paid by the advertiser is determined by the number of telephone calls made by viewers of an advertisement. This method induces the viewer to make a telephone call instead of just viewing an external website, which increases revenue for businesses. This approach is targeted to local businesses and to clients whose customers wish to talk to the seller before purchasing a product.

Is pay per call better than the pay-per-click advertising?

Well, it will always depend on the advertiser, if he sells any product online and wants to avoid the inbound calls, then possibly not. On the other hand, if he sells any product or may be service which generally requires direct verbal communication in sales, then this pay-per-call advertising is more direct and valuable as compared to pay-per-click.

Where will all my Campaigns run?

Netwising distribution has a large network in pay-per-call business and includes Affiliates Advertising, major Search Engines, Local Directories, Audio Directory Assistance services, mobile search, content services, video, podcasting, etc. and is budding every week.

How to set up my Netwising advertising campaign?

It’s easy. You have to register online and fill the Advertiser Registration form to create your offer as well as to set your target. Then we will set up an account manager just for you to he you select your category as well as setting price for each call, add related keywords etc. Netwising platform will then take your offer, represent it to its affiliates and make sure you incoming traffic will only be relevant and exact match to your offer requirements.

Can Netwising help to create my campaign?

Absolutely, Netwising offers FREE support to assist you to create your Business Profile, develop most favourable Ads for your mobile device and audio, and optimize your Ad’s target and performance. Just contact us via phone or email and talk to our executives to start your campaign today.

What’s the cost for incoming call for my Netwising campaign?

Cost for each call will set up according to the category, which means the cost for a call is going to depend upon the category you will choose for your product. You can easily find out the related costs after you have registered an account.

To have a quick start of my campaign, what exact metrics will I need to provide?

An advertiser will have to give us some details about related activities such as his upcoming strategic approach, future targets, target demographics, market focus and his willingness to shell out in our campaign.

When can I discontinue an ad campaign with Netwising?

After informing us and acknowledging your desire to close Netwising account, our executives will deactivate it within 2-3 business days.