We can help you monetize calls

Whether you’re a publisher or independently interested in ways to bring a multitude of traffic for businesses, NetWising Network can help you monetize calls. This way the company you’re promoting is receiving real time calls on the other end. NetWising uses algorithms in order to reformulate Publisher management.


NetWising Network knows that publishers make decisions as to which Pay Per Call network they find most feasible to work with. We understand that not all Pay Per Call networks bring in the right amount of change for publishers, and so therefore, publishers often find themselves reluctant and hesitant when seeking the perfect performance marketer. However, NetWising is a national leader concerning modern technology and geo-location monitoring. Publishers have full access to our call tracking platform giving them the ability to monitor calls that are coming through in real time. We guarantee to provide results that outperform our opponents.


  • Net 15 payments
  • Simple self-serve tracking platform
  • Access to multiple geographic regions
  • Access to multiple categories
  • Exclusive Advertiser Campaign
  • Top Payouts from Direct Advertisers